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             You CAN Do-It-Yourself, .......BUT you DON'T have to do it alone;  

             because we are Authors Supporting Authors and we hope you'll join us.

Hi, my name is David Freeman.  I'll be your host as, together, we meet the Best Selling Authors & Experts who will walk us through the process of Indie Publishing, step by step.

We'll begin our journey by starting right at the point where you've finally completed your book.   This is where our adventure begins, just about the time when you say to yourself:

"So, I've finally written a book!  NOW WHAT?"

Well, to answer that question and many more, we are about to break the Indie Publishing process into digestible, bite-sized portions and discuss each step thoroughly with an endless series of Expert Guests who sincerely believe in the value of our Authors Pay It Forward process. 

We've borrowed a thought from Zig Ziglar & respectfully tweaked it just a bit.  Our Author's version goes something like this:

We can all become successful Authors, once we help enough others to become successful, FIRST!

So, join us inside.  The adventure begins....right now!