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APIF-003 Virtual Blog Tours From Your Home with D’vorah Lansky



Today on the Authors Pay It Forward Podcast our Guest & Book Marketing Expert is   D’VORAH LANSKY

Join us to learn D’vorah’s time tested solutions for marketing your books on a global level, growing your media footprint and expanding your essential email list, ALL WITHOUT LEAVING THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME!

To simplify your Virtual Blog process, download D’vorah’s free gift, “The Busy Author’s VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR Journal”.  Using the journal will make your tour flow smoothly, plus making the process easy to duplicate on your next book tour. Enjoy!


D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed. is the bestselling author of several books including Book Marketing Made Easy, Develop Your Author Platform, and Connect, Community, and Profit.

She has been marketing online since 1994 and working exclusively with authors since
2007. D’vorah has participated in hundreds of online speaking opportunities and is passionate about teaching powerful book marketing and community building 
strategies, to authors across the globe. For additional information about many more of D’vorah’s value packed programs, visit our friend at  www.authorspayitforward.com/simpleseminars

On a personal note,  I can’t thank D’vorah enough for her free training program for new podcasters.  She gave me the knowledge, skills and confidence to be talking to you today.  


Today’s episode has been brought to you by our own publishing passion, called Mushroom Tales, Motivational Children’s Picture Books in Rhyming verse. Stop by our book site to receive a free eBook version of each new Mushroom Tale, now in Bilingual (Spanish & English) versions and Audio Books will be coming for each new Tale.  

So, if you know have a child, know a child or even used to be a child, remember, There are Mushrooms, with Tales, Everywhere!  


So, from your friends in the Authors Pay It Forward facebook community, we hope you’ll join us next time when we meet another Indie Publishing Expert and you’ll see why we like to say:

When it comes to Indie Publishing, you can do it yourself, but you don’t have to do it alone, because we are Authors supporting Authors and we’re glad you’ve joined us.

Thanks a lot. Come on back!